Monday, August 17, 2009

Llewellyn the Great

Two years ago my mother adopted two cute but highly overbred Persians from the humane society. She named the male Llewellyn fairly quickly, as she is interested in the history of many of the different cultures in the UK - the Scots and the Welsh especially. The female we had difficulty coming up with a name for - Alba, Guinevere, Boudica - none of them seemed to fit. We started calling her Princess out of lack of anything better, as it suited her delicate appearance and imperial personality, and the name sort of stuck. We've decided her formal name is Princess Milkweed - weighing in at a hefty six kilos (I weighed more when I was born) she has a difficult time going for her walks in strong winds.

Walks. Llewellyn came declawed and Princess is, as mentioned, diminutive. Both cats love the outdoors but because of this their adventures are limited to our small fenced back garden. My mom will occasionally take them for outings in the common area behind our backyard. They're very well-behaved, don't dart off, and generally just sniff at bugs and chew the grass. The problem though, is getting them back home. They really resist. My mother has discovered the best way to do this is through distraction - she drags a leafy branch along the ground and eventually they end up at our back gate.

Like so.

This cat cracks me up.


  1. Lol! Oh my goodness, those are wonderful photos! They should be on cards or postcards or something, hee hee. So nice to "meet" Llewellyn! :)

  2. The Lost Earring showed me this wonderful post and I must say that I demand MORE of Llewellyn! She's such a character!

  3. Awesome pics! Especially the last one :D :D

  4. Thanks guys! Llew is such a ham; I can't tell him all your nice comments unfortunately because he'll act like even more of a spoilt diva. :o) Then we'll have to give him a treat raise, too...


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