Friday, August 14, 2009

Etsy find of the week - glossy glass by BPR Designs

I love glass. I love its coolness, its transclucence, it's candy-like hardness. I use a lot of glass in my own work, and it's spoilt me for lucite and plastic. BPR Designs is based in Portland, Oregon, and specializes in unique, handcrafted fused glass. Living in the Pacific northwest like myself, many of these pieces are inspired by the colours of nature.

I love this slumped blue gin bottle cheese plate. I was torn between choosing this and the wine bottle as my favourite - I do love my wine - but I was so attracted to this bright blue colour. It makes me wonder if the artist has ever seen Harvey's bristol cream sherry bottles? I am ignorant about the ways of glassmaking, but that colour is beautiful and deserves to be a cheese plate! Back to the item being featured - I think this would make an excellent hostess gift, or a great centrepiece at a dinner party. Those cherries look tasty... I could also go for maybe some raspberries and brie...

I have come to realize, as I have been writing this, that I am especially enjoying this feature as I can slip in mentions of food as I talk about these beautiful pieces of glass art. The next item is a gorgeous green bamboo glass sushi plate that really makes me want some tuna sashimi, even though I have sworn off eating most species of tuna. I may have to settle for a smoked salmon, unagi, and mango roll. I love the clear and opaque shades of green in this piece, and the black lines add a bit of abstraction to it.

A bit of a departure from the forest and sea colour of the previous pieces, these bright citrus coasters look like slices of flavoured ice! These coasters deserve to be sitting under a tart lemonade, an orange smoothie, and a salty lime margarita.

Okay. I know it's over two months away. But I love Halloween. It's the ex-actress clawing her way out of the skeptical scientist persona. I love dressing up, wearing make up and glitter and impractical shoes that I would be too sensible for on the other 364 days of the year. I already know what I'm going to be for Halloween this year - do you?

This little ghostie is adorable! I love his comedic little face. This would be a great dish at a Halloween party - fill it with treats and watch the ghost appear as tummies fill!

Please do stop by BPR Designs' shop and have a look around. And definitely check out this awesome froggy candle bridge too!!

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  1. Lovely stuff. I see why the blue glass won you over :)


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