Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've only walked in the forest at night once or twice before, but it is a surreal experience. You hear things crackling and creaking off the path, creatures vocalizing in the distance, and sometimes if you're lucky you'll see eyeshine among the trees. Once, soon after we met, Davis and I went walking through a nearby forest at night and found fluorescent arrows painted on the woodchip path that we'd never seen a clue of during the day.

Last night we went on an owl prowl put on by our university's arboretum. Unfortunately we didn't see any owls, but I was able to experiment a little with night photography, which I've never done before. I found it very challenging - it was so dark I couldn't even see well enough through the viewfinder to focus properly, and I forgot to white balance so all my photos came out apocalypse red (I recoloured them in photoshop because they were a little too eerie for me). We also learned how to make various owl calls - from the standard barred and great-horned "who cooks for you" to the horse-like screech owls and the saw-whet owls, which actually do sound like a saw being drawn through a stump. We also learned the difference between coyote calls and wolf howls, which even when done by a bunch of silly humans can raise the hair on your arms.


  1. Night walks open your senses to a new world. Sorry you didn't see any owls:-(

  2. Ooooh, these photos are pretty creepy--even without the red. Eek. Well, since you didn't see any owls I should probably leave you a link my friend Laura just posted. It's a live web cam on a barn owl and her owlets :)

    PS I got that Sibley guide you recommended. Picked up a copy at the library for now :)

  3. Walking through a dark forest is very interesting - those sounds you mentioned could be anything!
    Off to check out the live web cam on those owlets!

  4. that sounds so spooky! i'd probably creep myself out! I love your blog background...totally fun!

    I found you on etsy forums. Please come visit me, and make sure you enter my give away!

  5. At least you had someone there with you! Walking at night is always a little freaky. The pics have a nice slightly eerie night feel to them.

  6. Thos pics are so lovely.. they remind me of Halloween and autumn (my fave time of year!). Hope you get to see an owl next time... it is really spooky when they fly overhead, especially the larger ones.

  7. Hey Victoria, you do have so much fun.

    I love your photos isn't night photography great, I sit outside and take lots of photos. There is an Owl in the neighbours tree but for the life of me I can't see it :(

    Sorry, you didn't get to see any Owls, they are awesome creatures though aren't they!

    Owl cam sounds like a good plan. :) T.

  8. Oh wow, those pics are very haunting!! I grew up on a farm and my brother and I used to venture into the forest at night and try to freak each other out. Then we'd climb up on the barn roof and gaze at the stars. Good times. Big brothers are highly recommended. :)


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