Monday, September 7, 2009

Decisions, decisions

At the end of August was the birthday of a good friend of mine - who I'm fairly certain doesn't know this blog exists - and I have been searching for a gift for her since then (without guilt, I might add, as we have an agreement that birthdays generally get a 2-month grace period). Unfortunately she still lives in my hometown, so I only see her when school's out for the summer. I still consider her a close friend, but unfortunately this means that since I don't see her often, I don't know what she wants or needs in terms of gifts. Jewelry is usually pretty safe, but since I know she received a few pairs of earrings for the birthday, I've been looking at necklaces. She is usually pretty minimalistic when it comes to jewelry, but when she goes out I know she favours large dramatic pendants, that type of thing. I've always liked these asymmetrical floral necklaces that seem to be popular on Etsy, though I probably wouldn't get one myself as I am not a big necklace person. But, I think my friend might like them. The only problem now is narrowing them down!

The following two are from Cymbaline's Designs. The first one is called Springtime. The funny thing about these necklaces is that while the flowers make them feminine, they don't feel overly frilly or girly to me. Just romantic, and a little vintage. I like the pink flower combined with the peridot glass beads in the first necklace. The second one, also from Cymbaline, is called Raspberries and Champagne. I really love the two colours in this second necklace - it definitely adds to the vintage feel, and I prefer the duskier pink to the baby pink of Springtime. So out of these two, I would pick Raspberries and Champagne.

The next two are from It's Beautiful. The first is called Essence, and again it follows a coral and peridot theme. For my friend, I would have to say I would choose this over Springtime, since the colours are a little more dramatic and the flower is slightly larger, which I think suits her taste a little better. For myself though, I would probably pick Springtime. It's so hard when you buy gifts not to let your own taste take over! The second one from It's Beautiful is Sea and Ivory. I like this one because there is no pink at all, and although my friend does wear pink I don't think it is her favourite colour. I really like the ivory rose on this one - it's hard to find a realistic alternative to pink when it comes to these acrylic flowers. Hard to choose between these two - maybe Sea and Ivory, since the glass beads aren't as glittery as in Essence, which brings down the drama a little. But again - maybe that's my taste interfering!

The last option is from Wiyomu. It's one of the few purple ones I've seen so far, which is a colour I like for being feminine but not girly. It's called Purple Plumeria, and I like that the focal flower is different from all the others. With only one colour, it is a lot simpler than the others, which I like too. Con: it's a bit pricier than the others, but not outside my range yet. Pro: it also comes in a gift box, which makes my life much easier!

So hard to choose! I think I have it narrowed down to Raspberries and Champagne, Sea and Ivory, or Purple Plumeria. What do you think?


  1. This IS hard to choose! They are all so beautiful, but I think I like the Raspberries And Champagne the best. Good luck!

  2. Personally, I like the purple. Your friend's b-day is at the end of August, so that makes her a Virgo yeah? Pretty sure Virgo's color is blue and the stone is sapphire. Not to confuse things, but if you have trouble deciding you could do something blue after all.

  3. I like the first one pictured : ) They are all so pretty though

  4. I ended up going with Purple Plumeria upon consultation with the boy. :o) It was a hard choice though! Thanks for the input, all.

  5. Nice choice! Any of those necklaces would make a cool gift, but that I especially like the plumeria flower. I love Etsy!

    Thanks for your sweet comments over on my page, too! Take care.


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