Thursday, August 6, 2009

From sketch to sale

Originally posted Aug. 3 2009:

I don't usually have a set design when I sit down and make jewelry - usually I just dump out my stash on the kitchen table and wait for inspiration to strike. Sometimes I shuffle things around like a child's unwanted veggies, seeing if that lights a spark; overall it's a pretty random process.

I bought two vine charms a few weeks ago, and from the beginning I had a germ of an idea what I wanted to do with them, since I also had some lovely cranberry glass blossoms that I thought would match nicely. Since I was starting from a set point, albeit an ephemeral one, I wanted to continue in that vein and plan my piece out a little. I'm a horrific drawer and sketcher, so I traced the vine on looseleaf and added in the details:

I wanted to work more with this cranberry colour - it's so lush, more delicate than red and more vibrant than pink. I visited the bead store to pick up some Swarovski crystals to finish it off - a bicone in fuchsia and a teardrop in blood red, and got to work.

I had difficulty hanging the charms from the vine - I still have a lot to teach myself.

In the end though, I was quite pleased with the result. I love the combination of cranberry and antique gold, plus I found out that another name for the cranberry is 'mossberry' - how perfect to name the necklace!

This item is available in my Etsy shop. The one in my sketch with the bird is in antique silver, and it is available here!

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