Thursday, June 30, 2011

UBC botanical gardens

A couple of weekends ago, Davis and I went to the botanical gardens at the University of British Columbia, which are both extensive and diverse. They're not on the scale of anything like the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, of course, but I really enjoyed the walk through the tall conifers, smelling everything in the medicinal herb garden, rambling through the alpine terraces, and inspecting the vegetable garden (the produce of which is donated to local charities). We also did the canopy walkway, a series of suspended bridges through the treetops. I actually really enjoyed this too - we did the one at the Capilano Suspension Bridge a few years ago and it really didn't feel like much of an adventure at all. But this one puts you pretty high up in the treetops, it's much less crowded, and you even have some thrilling moments of mild peril as the bridge lurches beneath your feet and you peer down at the forest floor 50 feet below.

I was hoping to see some birds on this trip - last time we went I saw a creeper - but other than a bald eagle surveying its domain, I was out of luck. I saw lots of beautiful flowers and some neat insects but I am sadly lacking in knowledge of both botany and entomology so, without any descriptions to get in the way:


  1. I love visiting botanical gardens ~ this one looks gorgeous!

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  3. Beautiful pictures!!
    Loving your blog!
    Come follow me back! happy 4th of July

  4. I love adventures like this!! OMG, I cannot believe you rode your bike that far... even if it wasn't exactly on purpose ;)

  5. All of the photos are so pretty, but I really like the pictures with the bees best! I know they sting, but up close bees are just so fuzzy and cute!


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