Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cats being strange

These are my mom's cats... and the orange one, Llewellyn, is always strange. He's struggling with diabetes at the moment, and although his blood sugar still won't go down, he has recovered almost 100% in terms of coordination and energy. But he's strange. We sort of wonder sometimes if he's a little... challenged, because he'll often sit staring into space with his tongue half out. In retrospect, maybe it was the diabetes.

Today, I heard strange yowls coming from upstairs. The cats were lying on the landing, as you see in the photo, and Llew was making strange noises and pawing at Princess, the white cat. At first I thought he was feeling amorous, but it didn't seem to be so; he was just squawking and pawing at her paws. Not getting up, not being particularly active, just... poking her. It was... strange.

It does look like they're holding hands though, which I guess is cute.


  1. aww, poor kitty with diabetes. tell llewellyn to lay off the welsh cakes ;-)

  2. My orange fluffy cat is strange too. Not smart, a little weird, but such a sweet funny old cat.

  3. they are so cute! little puffer faces!


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