Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boy Hummer

Finally, one of the two Mr. Hummingbirds that I first saw squabbling over a female the other day decided to quit being a fighter jet for two minutes and take a drink so I could snap his picture.

The next few days are about to get very busy for us... today we are picking up our new car (VW Golf, which was an extremely generous gift from my mother... we plan to make as many of the payments as possible but we couldn't have done it without her help and our old car, as I have mentioned before, was on the verge of rusting through) and tomorrow we are heading to Vancouver Island for our graduation vacation gift to ourselves. I'm obviously super excited for both things... but I'm especially looking forward to going to the island with my Nikon... I was able to get some awesome pictures last time we went with my little point-and-shoot, but I can't wait to see what the DSLR will do.

So, I will hopefully be checking in as often as I can with pictures of eagles, sea lions, sea otters, starfish, and hopefully tons of other creatures!!!


  1. Awesome shots :)

    Have a wonderful trip, I think you guys deserve to have some R. & R.

    Happy Photo taking, look forward to seeing them soon. :) T.

  2. Oh, lovely! We, being east of the Rockies, most often only ever get to see one kind: the ruby-throated, and I've yet to capture one on film. I enjoy watching them in real life meanwhile, as they skim by like little jewels. :)


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