Monday, August 22, 2011

Saving Shelter Pets fundraiser!

Just a quick blog post to let everyone know that from August 22 to 31, I'll be participating in my third annual Saving Shelter Pets fundraiser, where 20% of the proceeds from my nature-inspired jewelry shop during this time period will be donated to help fund low-cost spay and neuter clinics. As a veterinary student, this is a cause that is pretty close to my heart, for many reasons. An intact female cat, for example, can produce over 100 kittens over her lifetime - and that's not counting her kittens' kittens, or the number of kittens that a male can produce with multiple females. Most of these kittens or puppies won't find homes, and will end up on the streets or euthanized in a shelter. We adopted our cats from the SPCA, and sometimes I think about what might have happened to them if nobody had wanted them, and it makes me pretty bummed.

Spaying and neutering is also in the best interests of both you and your pet - it can help eliminate unwanted behaviours such as urine marking by toms, howling during heats, and blood spotting by female dogs. Additionally, health benefits for your pet include reducing mammary tumors and reproductive tract infections - some of which I've seen first-hand, and are really painful for the animal and just gross for us.

So, if you're interested in supporting this cause, please check out some of the great shops that are participating in this fundraiser over the next two weeks:

And to find out more information about Saving Shelter Pets, check out their site.

Thanks guys!

Oh, one more thing: how do you know I'm actually going to donate this money? Last year I had some questions from buyers about how to know that I was donating the money as promised. I assured them I would send them a copy of my donation receipt at the end of the fundraiser, but forgot, which is terrible. So, here is a screen shot of my Paypal receipt:

And a newsletter after the fundraiser, acknowledging my participation (my name is Victoria, by the way).


  1. 1 of my callings were to be a Vet. - i think this is an absooulty amazing cause u participate in! - the Popcorn Zoo by me is ALL rescued animals - i refuse to go to "zoo's" b/c i don't think wild animals should be caged unless for their own health .. this makes me happy u do this!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. A most wonderful cause, Victoria! Our two amazing, gorgeous dogs were adopted from a shelter and our lives are so much richer with them as part of our family. I will be sure to check out your nature-inspired jewelry shop!


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