Monday, January 10, 2011

Vet student super hero

Most of the time, I love vet school. But sometimes... I feel like this:

"The new vet student action figure from Mattel: it has foldable legs for long periods of sitting and studying.  You can watch its hair turn grey before your eyes. Comes complete with 40-pound backpack and scoliosis. Happiness not included."

Which is why (and also because I have only two hours of class today - three hours apart!) I am playing hooky. I have decided to get more efficient things done today such as:
  • list some new things in my Etsy shop
  • go wine shopping
  • make cashew chicken curry
  • pay bills
  • do laundry
  • pay attention to cats
  • make a Simon & Garfunkel CD for my mom
And, okay, maybe a leeetle bit of studying. Because I have no other employable skills. ;o)


  1. omg. that video is HILARIOUS!


    hope you enjoy your day off. sounds like you really deserve it. :)

  2. Oh Victoria, that is too funny :)

    Glad you treated yourself to a down day :)

    They are very important :)



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