Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day in the life of a vet student - sheep tipping edition

For real, this is a legit sheep restraint method, and goes something like this:

1. Chase sheep around a pen until you're sweaty and tired and they're just getting warmed up.
2. Grab a sheep by its jaw. This will stop the sheep from going forward.
3. Put your leg behind the sheep's butt. This will stop the sheep from going backward and might also leave a nice rorschach smear on your pant leg.
4. Flip the sheep onto its butt, like a judo twist.
5. The sheep will sit quietly between your knees, and will mostly allow you to examine it.

[Disclaimer: don't try this at home unless you're an experienced sheep tipper or are being supervised by one. Also don't try this with anything other than sheep, such as cows, bears, or cats. Also, it goes without saying, but no sheep were harmed during this exercise - just cuddled a bit.]


  1. Well, I must say that I doubt I will ever be in need of this method, but I do enjoy reading your posts! If you ever need tips on wrangling a room full of children, that I can help with!

  2. Sounds like a workout and a half! I used to live on a dairy farm, and chasing some of those calves for vaccines - hectic....the larger ones, almost impossible lol.

  3. I bet that was exhausting but what a cutie :) T.

  4. Well you don't get much woollier than an actual sheep. I love the expression on her face, she looks so non plussed by the whole thing. :D

  5. definitely woolly! ;) fun post victoria, thanks for sharing. and i like your disclaimer.


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