Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday morning adventures with cows

We woke up early as usual today to go to school and play with Davis's pigs - he's also finishing up a research project looking at progesterone levels in sows throughout the day, and he has five gilts on campus to feed and clean up after twice a day. Pigs are really lovely - they're inquisitive and playful, and they really seem to enjoy human contact - and they do not smell nearly as bad as cows!

And speaking of which... when the weather is nice, the dry (aka non-milk producing) cows get a little 'vacation'... they're put out in the pasture to hang out until they're about to give birth, then they come inside the barn until they finish lactating for the year. The fields are near the piggery, so we walked over afterwards to say hello. It's very nice to see the cows in the grass... munching dandelions, rolling in mud, and just generally looking happy

On our way back to the car, we passed the dilapidated old farrier's hut...

Which is now home to some interesting old equipment...

... and dozens and dozens of house sparrows, including this young one, who seemed a little unsteady on his feet!

Because it was such a nice, warm and sunny morning, we decided to drive to the arboretum, passing under the watchful gaze of a red-tailed hawk...

... and had more adventures there with butterflies, but I haven't edited those pictures yet and I really should finish my paper, so I'll leave the butterflies for tomorrow!


  1. Great pictures! When I was younger I always wanted a pig or a cow for some reason. I just thought they were the coolest animals ever, haha.

  2. Isn't nature beautiful ? So much variety and never dull or boaring.

  3. Victoria, those are great shots, you always capture the animals like they are about to say something profound. Love it! T.:)

  4. I am so happy cows can go outside and be animals and not just factory parts in a product. The pictures are wonderful, you're right, they do look happy and like they are about to say something profound.


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