Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bee's Knees

We got back from our vet school interviews on Friday evening. The whole process was, in a word, exhausting. The three of us each had our interviews on different days, but between the 40-minute drive to the interview, a 30-60 minute buffer in case of traffic or emergencies, the 2-hour interview, and the 40-60 minute drive back in Toronto traffic... we were just too exhausted to do anything but open a bottle of wine when we got back. We'd had big plans for exploring the area, going hiking, going to the zoo... but just couldn't do it.

And now..... we wait. It will probably be 2-3 weeks until we hear anything. So stressful!!

But, to take my mind off it, I am starting the week of madness soon.... working a lot, mom coming to town, graduating, a few grad/goodbye parties, and leaving to the west coast soon after.

In the meantime, here are some six-legged creatures I snapped at the arboretum last week whose worries are probably a lot simpler than mine...


  1. How exciting your Mom is going to be in Town :)

    I hope you have a fun week, sounds like lots going on, fingers crossed for your interviews.

    Love the pics, happy Sunday, T. :)

  2. Sounds tiring! Hope you're getting rested now. :) And is it just me, or does that bee seem somehow about the size of a hummingbird in that photo? :)


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