Thursday, September 3, 2009

In absentia

I try to splutter out something on here with something approaching regularity, but I think I have failed in the past week. It's the first week of school and it's been a madhouse in my brain and in my life for the past month or so and it doesn't seem like it is going to let up. All summer I was working full-time and trying to study for the MCAT and taking a class at school, so now I am still finishing up work for that class while getting the ball rolling on all six of my classes this semester. Plus studying for the GRE. Plus preparing to go away on a field week for one of my classes. Plus running around being VP of the undergraduate society. Plus working part-time on campus. Plus trying to have a normal social life. Plus running my Etsy shop.

I'm not complaining. This was exactly how I pictured my college life to be, and although I am often anxious and my desk is overflowing with to-do lists, I love it, and I feel fulfilled. Do you think these are early warning signs of a future workaholic?


  1. Hope you are enjoying college. It was the best time of my life :)

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  3. Hee hee :) Workaholic, nah! Life will slow down at times...right now you've just got a lot going on! Sounds all wonderful and if you're happy with it then that's all that matters. Just remember to take care of yourself too :)

  4. Yeah, I hear ya, girl. My last (yay graduation) first week has been complicated with doctors appointments and a litter of stray puppies under our porch.

    Just remember to live in the present moment, as my ceramics teacher/guru always tells me. (I fail miserably at it, but anyway...)


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