Monday, February 28, 2011

Umami eggs

I can't emphasize enough how awesome these umami eggs from TasteSpotting are. They changed a gloomy, first-day-back-at-school-after-break Monday into
super duper awesomeness

Okay, it may be a bit of an exaggeration, but let me tell you that I boiled seven eggs - so fourteen halves - and I couldn't get Davis to stop eating them fast enough to get a picture of more than two halves.

The ingredients are super simple, and these take a minute to make once the eggs are boiled. You will need:

Hard boil and peel your eggs in whatever way you like. The recipe I linked to has a good how-to blurb at the bottom which I tried and liked. Davis swears by this method, but I think it's because he's in love with Tim Ferriss.

Cut the peeled eggs in half.
Add a few drops of soy sauce over the yolk of each egg half. You don't want it to overflow - just soak into the yolk.
Next add a squirt of Sriracha.
And top with the furikake.


Update: deluxe umami eggs with smoked salmon!


  1. These look yummy, and pretty too. I'm definitely going to try them myself.

  2. to try this for my family. Blessings for you today. Visiting here for the first time.

  3. These look amazing!!! I love hard boiled eggs of every description. Gotta try these.

  4. not only do these look cool as all get out, but they sound delish too!

  5. cool! i will have to try these sometime!


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